Online Therapy

Therapy for on the go

You’re a home body, a traveler, or someone on the go needing support. We provide a home base in Austin with availability to hop online via video or phone. Online therapy is increasingly becoming an effective, confidential and convenient way to help people who need remote access to therapy. Our therapists are trained to hold space and get to the heart of the matter despite meeting at a distance.

Anxiety & Depression

Lightening the load we carry

You’re looking for a release from either one (or both) of these troubling conditions, and Evolve wants to guide you through that. In therapy we can identify precursors to a depression or anxiety spiral and learn to separate yourself from the intrusive thoughts. As we work to calm the mind, we simultaneously soothe the nervous system in order to promote sensations of safety and grounding. When this is established, we begin the deeper emotional work behind the causes of these painful emotions in order to provide healing at its core.


Feeling good in your skin

Not knowing, on a deep level, who we are creates numerous places of tension: indecisiveness, burn-out, rocky relationships, or asking yourself, “is this really all there is?”. Our therapists get what it’s like to be confused by who we’re “supposed” to be. Explore with us as we dive into the narrative of the mind, find places of calm and peace within the body, and learn who you are meant to be. We are ready to help you embrace who you really are.


Finding Harmony with Your Partner 

Your relationship used to be where you turned to escape life’s problems, but now it has become the problem. Evolve knows a thing or two about that. Let us start guiding you towards a healthier place by finding and capitalizing on the strengths of the relationship, and work towards processing the breakdown you’ve experienced in your communication.


Discovering our own inner healing presence

We’re going to guess you had one of two responses to meditation services- you either leaned in, or rolled your eyes. Meditation can sometimes get a bad rep, and we are here to correct that. No more attempting to silence an ever-talking mind, but rather, we seek to create a new relationship to the way we experience our thoughts through meditation. This allows us the possibility to increase our resiliency and happiness, and to relax.  We incorporate the practice of mindfulness and meditation into our individual therapy sessions when appropriate.




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