The Feel Good Life Program

Group or individual Experiences

Become a Friend to Yourself

Are you constantly battling thoughts about how you don’t look good enough or you’re not eating the “right” or “good” foods? Constantly trying different diets or lifestyles to get the right fit?

Come join my 8 week group or individual program that uses a science-and spirituality- driven approach to help you live free from food and body image anxieties. Learn how to build a relationship with yourself to let go of toxic body image thoughts and habitual actions that lead you to feel less comfortable in your own skin.

You can do this program either as part of an 8 week group or one-on-one private sessions with me.


Grace Secker

Psychotherapist, Feel Good Life Practitioner

Raise your Baseline

  • Let go of what’s holding you back from feeling more comfortable in your body.

  • Learn how to get away from the quick fix of feeling good and step into long term sustainable change.

Connect with your Spirituality

  • Learn how to use connection with a higher power to guide your healing.

  • Connect with love and compassion rather than being at war with yourself.

Ground within yourself and your community

  • Learn grounding and mindfulness techniques to grow in your relationship with yourself in order to develop choice in your life.

  • Find the power of connection with others in a safe, sacred space.

Guidance Based on Experience


The constant war with yourself isn’t going away. The wear and tear on your heart is exhausting. The battle with those self-defeating thoughts about how you look and what you “should” or shouldn’t” eat is a struggle I know well.

At times in my life I too was consumed with thoughts of food and how my body didn’t feel or look how “it should”. The constant shame for not eating clean enough or working out enough was real and at full force. “It’s about being healthy” I told myself.

The fixation on clean eating and my body image was how I covered up the emotional pain of life. I have been in that space and know the roller-coaster of emotions that come with feeling as if your body is the enemy. I have learned what it means to choose to feel better in my body in a way that is right for me. Through the Feel Good Life Program of Befriending your Body I can help you find peace with your food and body image difficulties.

I want to help you feel better in your body!



How to Experience the Magic

Sometimes we need privacy to process and sometimes we need a community to know that others are struggling with similar feelings. You have the power to choose between whether you want to be a part of a group program or private sessions to experience The Feel Good Life.

The power of a group session provides shared meaning of difficulties that can bring relief and comfort when you realize you are not the only one going through this.

The power of an individual session is that you can build a one on one connection with me and we can personalize this course to your own unique needs.


8 Individual sessions

  • Work one-on-one with me in private sessions using the Feel Good Life Methodology

  • Personalized sessions to fit your current needs

  • Lifetime access to the skills and worksheets

  • Guided meditations

  • 8 session packages with payment plans

Full refund within 2 sessions if you do not feel like we are a good fit!


8 online group sessions

  • Start with a mindfulness meditation

  • Learn skills to stop the war with yourself and bring body freedom

  • Process current struggles

  • Walk away with hands on skills and worksheets to carry you through the week

  • Early enrollment special pricing before Sept. 5

Full refund within 2 sessions if you do not feel like we are a good fit!

Inquire about next start date, groups are offered throughout the year.



Working with Grace has been extremely beneficial for me at this point in my life. I was introduced to her while going through big transitions in my life, and because of this I was dealing with a lot of raw and sometimes overwhelming emotions. Her guidance has been helpful for me in terms of organizing my thoughts, grounding myself through mindfulness activities, and finding mental clarity. After each talk I have a new list of takeaways that I know will be useful as I move into the future. Each session creates a safe and creative space for me to ask questions, listen to Grace’s coaching points, and see where and how I can relate to reality in a different, less overwhelming way. Very glad I had the opportunity to work with her!

-M. F., Undergraduate Student

This program is transformational in every sense of the word! So grateful for Grace, her kindness and expertise, and the time of reflection and introspection that awaited me every single week. You are probably drawn to working with Grace for a reason, but the best part about this program is you not only get to work on that, but far more opportunities for deep spiritual growth arise naturally, exceeding all initial expectations. I feel much more confident and clear in what my highest potential looks like, and steps I can take to fully grow into her. Blessed to have connected with Grace!

K. F., Psychology Undergraduate Student & Intern