About Us

As co-founders of Evolve Therapy, we (Marci & Grace) work passionately with our clients to help obtain the relief you need. We love what we do, and a large portion of that is due to the clients we attract. Working with people who are committed to the evolution of healing is what gets us up in the morning. Come see what it’s like to experience support and guidance with us.


Marci Lawson M.S., LPC

Marci loves being a therapist. Like, really. She obtained her master’s degree at SMU and works full time as a private practice therapist. Marci has been practicing meditation for over a decade, and as such, incorporates mindfulness principles into her therapy. She has a passion for those who are suffering from chronic illness, especially cancer, and reserves spots in her practice for these clients as a Flatwater provider. In her free time, Marci is happiest when she’s well-fed and in the sunshine, playing with her kitty and dog.


Grace Secker M.S., LPC, RYT

Grace obtained her master’s degree from SMU after she found a passion for therapy in her own experience of depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. She has a profound respect for holistic healing modalities which is why she became a Registered Yoga Teacher after seeing how yoga, spirituality, and therapy can help heal simultaneously. Grace finds happiness when she is outside, playing with fur babies and friends.